5 Schools in Kempton Park

5 More schools have our Manners4Minors programme now offered as an extra mural in Kempton Park!

Check out our mail for March

Check out our Manners Mail for March 2014:
“Miss Manners Clara has been a real asset to our school and I have found the programme to be of the utmost benefit for the children who attend it. Clara is a… Continue reading

Miss Manners Lynwood

We had roaring laughter and no shortage of animated bodily noises, talking about “My Nose and other Noises” the last few days… It is all about understanding it is natural when it slips out, but remembering to say ‘Pardon’ or… Continue reading

Info from last year


downloadGood manners, or acting appropriate in a way that’s socially acceptable and respectful, display respect, care, and consideration for others. Excellent manners can help you to have better relationships with people you know, and those you will meet.
Good… Continue reading


2014 has already blessed us~~~ I knew it was going to be a good one but not necessarily so soon. The information coming in from my Miss Manners all over the country is just so incredible. The number of schools… Continue reading

Department of Education


Letter from South Africa Educational Department

Hi All Ms Manners,

Whoop Whoop With Sprinkles and a whole lotta high-fiving for Lauren Taylor!!!

She took on the task of visiting with the Department of Education to seek endorsement of Manners4Minors in terms of the CAPS curriculum… Continue reading

M4M is the place to go!

Manners4Minors is the place to go, Learning little lessons for the world to know, I am well-mannered, confident and proud, I am unique and I shout it out aloud!!!

Best job in the world!

Clara Powell – “We have the best program EVER!!! Totally blessed to be part of the the changes we can make for our future adults. As a Miss Manners we truly have the BEST job in the world!”

Parent feedback

This program is powerful ***
I love it when parents show interest in what is happening in their children’s life! we just received this from a mommy! PS: once again thanks for all you do … I have definitely seen… Continue reading

Positive Feedback!!

Good Morning Beautiful people of the world – We receive a lovely message from one of our Franchisee’s, Desiree… What a way to put a smile on your face…

“Hi Des,

Hope you are enjoying the holidays!

Thank you for… Continue reading

Just had to share

Just had to share this photo! This is our “Oom Maniertjies” doing role play with the puppets.Oom Maniere

Welcome Trix & Vanessa

A warm welcome to Trix Juul (Ms Manners Midrand) and Vanessa van Tonder (Ms Manners Upper Randburg)!

Vanessa & Trix

From the U.S.A

What a lovely post on our facebook page!
“I hope its ok for me to post here, as I’m in the US, but i just bought the parents lessons yesterday. last night we read the first story and sang the… Continue reading

From Botswana – To CUTE

“Hi Ladies,

I hope you are all well

This is just too classic not to share…..

Today, driving home from picking my son Hayden (4.5 yrs) up from school, he was hassling in the back of the car, just generally… Continue reading

Well done Tracey!

Tracey Basson – Miss Manners North Riding held her first presentation event at North Riding pre-primary. Congradulations on your first Registrations!!! You GO GIRL
Photo: Tracey Basson - Miss Manners North Riding held her first presentation event at North Riding pre-primary. Congradulations on your first Registrations!!! You GO GIRL


“In my workhshop today I asked the children if they know what considerate means. One little one just stood up and came and sat on my lap. I then realised she had misunderstood and thought I said come sit here.… Continue reading

Welcome to the Team!

We are very happy to welcome Vonnelize, Miranda and Pierre to the Manners4Minors Team!

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We have Rights, and children seem to be very aware of these. But there seems to be a lack of awareness the Responsibility attached to the right. Yes, you have a right to education, but your responsibility is to respect this and always do your best! Yes, you have a right to a neat school uniform, but it is your responsibility to take very good care of these items and not leave mommy to find your shoe or scarf at the bottom of an, often, full Lost Property Box. We will be launching our new Workshop, Rights & Responsibilities next week, one for Foundation Phase Learners and the other for Grade 1 to 3. Parents or schools, please contact your Miss Manners if you would like this valuable workshop to be presented to your children. ... See MoreSee Less

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Dedicated to my Miss Manners ... See MoreSee Less

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email competitions@savemorewinmore.co.za for excellent service

WIN a WORKSHOP by a Miss Manners at the winner’s foundation phase grades at school

It is every child’s deepest desire to be liked and accepted … Miss Manners shows them how!

MANNERS4MINORS is not a cultural program but rather a fun, interactive way of introducing young children to the benefits of behaving and using manners that are universally accepted.

MANNERS4MINORS is a specialised program designed for children in the foundation phase (pre school, Reception, Year 1 and 2) and is aimed at introducing them to the benefits of having good manners and displaying universally acceptable social skills.

Through the use of interactive role play, props, puppets and interesting environments – together with positive reinforcement, peer encouragement and a carefully designed curriculum, it stimulates interest in manners that will extend beyond the school walls, and which will have a positive impact on every aspect of their lives.


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Vote for Rina .... Our very own Miss Manners! ... See MoreSee Less

For the first time ever, we have 2 ladies in the number 1 spot! Janine and Rina have each 24 % of the votes. 50 % of the votes in the Mrs category belong to them.

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